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At Central Pharmacy, we are responding to the increasing need for sterile products in the community setting

pha5.gif (36692 bytes)For many years now, one of the major skills of hospital pharmacists has been in the preparation of sterile products for inpatients. Products ranging from injectables to opthalmics are prepared by pharmacists on a daily basis in hospitals all over the world, and this is nothing new or novel. However, sterile compounding in the community is a trend seen only in recent years.

At Central Pharmacy, we have recognized the need for sterile compounding in the community and we have responded. As the only community pharmacy in Newfoundland with the proper facilities and equipment to prepare sterile products, we have found ourselves in a unique position in the province. Not only are we able to offer the patient outpatient service for things which only a short time ago would require a trip to the hospital, or even admission in the hospital, but, by using our specialty compounding skills, we are able to offer novel approaches that are not available anywhere else!

The following are examples of unique sterile product areas which we have pursued thus far. If you feel that you or someone you know could benefit from our ability to compound sterile products and would like more information, please contact one of our knowledgeable pharmacists. We will be happy to discuss your questions and concerns.



bul.gif (507 bytes)Ophthalmic Preparations (e.g. drops, ointments, injections)

bul.gif (507 bytes)Intracavernosal Preparations for male erectile dysfunction (e.g. prostaglandin E1, papaverine, phentolamine)

bul.gif (507 bytes)Inhalational Solutions (e.g. salbutamol, ipratropium bromide)