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At Central Pharmacy, we recognize the unique challenge of treating the pediatric patient

Why is it often a challenge to treat the pediatric patient?

Despite the many drugs available on the market, only about one fourth of approved drugs have indications specific for use in the pediatric population.

And of these approved drugs, many are not commercially available in dosage forms, strengths, or flavors that suit the needs of children. The result is that there are very few options..............if you rely solely on commercially available products!

This is where we can be of help to physicians, parents, and mostly importantly to the child. At Central Pharmacy, we like to make our "smallest" customers one of our biggest priorities. Through pediatric specialty compounding we are expanding solutions beyond the realm of conventional products and opening up a whole new world of options.

The end result is a physician who is confident of therapeutic success; a parent who is relieved that their child is receiving the medication they need; and a child who is no longer distressed by having to take a medication that doesn’t suit their special needs.

The following are examples of solutions which we have used to improve the treatment of our young customers. If you or someone you know has a child who would benefit from our specialty pediatric compounding and would like more information on our services, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss your questions and concerns.

Examples of Solutions

bul.gif (507 bytes)Preparation of medications in commercially unavailable dosage forms (e.g. lollipops, gummy bears, puddings, freezies, syrups, suspensions, lozenges, suppositories, transdermals, etc.)

bul.gif (507 bytes)Flavor adjustment (e.g. hundreds to choose from such as cherry, raspberry, strawberry, watermelon, banana, orange, grape, chocolate, bubblegum, etc.)

bul.gif (507 bytes)Preparation of medications in commercially unavailable dosages (e.g. increase or decrease dose, dosing on a mg/kg basis, sustained release)

bul.gif (507 bytes)Removal of unnecessary or unwanted ingredients (e.g. lactose, fillers, dyes, preservatives)