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PAIN; derived from the Latin peone and the Greek poine, meaning "penalty" or "punishment"

Humans have always known and sought relief from pain. In fact, the act of relieving pain is probably as old as the pharmacy profession itself. Today, painís impact on society is still great and, indeed, pain complaints are the number one reason patients seek medical advice.

Despite numerous advancements which have been made in pain control medications, the commercially available options do not always suit the needs of the pain patient. Chronic pain patients in particular are often considered by the medical profession to be the perfect example of the "problem patient". Many have been treated by numerous physicians and have been placed on multiple medications, with unsuccessful results. A physician treating this type of patient needs as many therapeutic options at their disposal as possible.

This is precisely the goal of Central Pharmacy in pain management; to provide alternatives for the multitude of problems faced by the pain patient.

At Central Pharmacy, we believe there should be no "penalty" for wanting to be pain free and we want to help achieve that goal.

The following are examples of solutions which we have used to improve the pain management and quality of life for many of our customers. If you or someone you know suffers from pain and would like more information on our pain management services, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss your questions and concerns.


Examples of Solutions

bul.gif (507 bytes)Preparation of medications in commercially unavailable dosage forms (e.g. capsules, suspensions, suppositories, transdermals, nasal sprays, lollipops, injectables, troches, etc.)

bul.gif (507 bytes)Preparation of medications in commercially unavailable dosages (e.g. increase or decrease dose, sustained release)

bul.gif (507 bytes)Removal of unnecessary or unwanted ingredients (e.g. fillers, dyes, preservatives, acetaminophen in certain narcotic products)

bul.gif (507 bytes)Preparation of commercially unavailable multi-ingredient preparations (e.g. morphine/DM products)