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Nutritional Compounding

At Central Pharmacy, we recognize
the unique nutritional needs of the individual

In the last few years more Canadians than ever are taking nutritional supplements. People know they are not getting what they need from their diets, and they realize that supplements make them feel healthier and function better. Although it is theoretically possible that a healthy individual can get all the nutrition he or she needs from foods, most Canadians do not even come close to meeting all their nutritional needs through diet alone. Hence, the demand for nutritional supplements.

The result of this revelation has been a huge growth in the number of supplements available to consumers. However, as with medications, conventional supplements also have limitations. That is, no two people are alike with respect to their nutritional needs. To assume that we can meet the unique nutritional needs of everyone through conventionally available supplements is, at best, very unlikely.

This is where the nutritional compounding service at Central Pharmacy can be of service to you, the individual. From vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, to herbal products and sport supplements, we can compound supplements specifically tailored to a persons needs that canít be found over the counter in a prepared manner. Through nutritional specialty compounding we are expanding solutions beyond the realm of conventional products and opening up a whole new world of options.

We can compound nutritional products upon the request of a physician, nutritionist, dietician, or individuals themselves. Alternatively, for those who arenít exactly sure what their nutritional supplementation program should contain, we can custom design a supplementation program for them. Appointments for a free consultation are available upon request.

The following are examples of approaches we have taken to improve the supplementation program of many of our customers. If you or someone you know could benefit from our Nutritional Supplementation compounding services, or would just like to find out more about this growing field, please contact one of our knowledgeable pharmacists. We will be happy to discuss your questions and concerns.


bul.gif (507 bytes)Preparation of specialty nutritional formulas for children with developmental issues

bul.gif (507 bytes)Preparation of supplements in commercially unavailable dosages (e.g. increase or decrease dose, dosing on a mg/kg basis, sustained release)

bul.gif (507 bytes)Removal of unnecessary or unwanted ingredients (e.g. fillers, binders, sugars, starch, artificial colors or preservatives)

bul.gif (507 bytes)Flavor adjustment

bul.gif (507 bytes)Preparation of nutritional supplements for pets (e.g. fish or beef flavored multi-vitamin and mineral supplement for felines)

bul.gif (507 bytes)Condensing of a supplement program into a few capsules per day (results in better compliance by the patient)